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les femmes fille brune de cristal d'or de fleurs ton Braceletles femmes fille brune de cristal d'or de fleurs ton Bracelet
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le ton en laiton incrustés de cristal faux creux en plastique noir sur les cheveux trous hoople ton en laiton incrustés de cristal faux creux en plastique noir sur les cheveux trous hoop
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les femmes triangle rouge magnétiques fermoir bouton de perles sac sacles femmes triangle rouge magnétiques fermoir bouton de perles sac sac
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rose rayé blanc froissé écharpe envelopper de linge de cou pour damerose rayé blanc froissé écharpe envelopper de linge de cou pour dame
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Which payment methods do you accept? accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover through PayPal account.

We also accept Visa, MasterCard and Delta through WorldPay account.

Finally, we accept secure direct bank transfers to our bank accounts in London, New York or Hong Kong. With bank transfers, SourcingMap offers a 3% discount on the total amount of your order as transaction cost savings are passed on to you.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online payment service owned by eBay, one of the largest and most well known Internet companies in the world. Through PayPal, buyers can make payments from their credit cards, debit cards or bank accounts without revealing account numbers and other financial information to SourcingMap.

Please click here for more information about PayPal.

What is WorldPay?

WorldPay is an international payment gateway that enables businesses to accept credit card payments securely via the Internet. It is part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, the 5th biggest banking group in the world.

Please click here for more information about WorldPay.

Where is the bank transfer information?

Please proceed to Checkout with your order. Once you select bank transfer as your payment method, our system will immediately send you an email with our bank account information. Please contact us at if you fail to receive it.

How do I pay via bank transfer?

During checkout in SourcingMap, choose Bank Transfer as the payment option. We will then send you the bank account details via email (sent from To ensure you receive this email, please add to your email program's address book.

You will need make the transfer by contacting your bank with our bank details and the amount of payment. Once you've done that, reply via email to

You may wish to refer to this link for reference:

How do I pay via PayPal?

During checkout in SourcingMap, choose PayPal as the payment option. Once you click Confirm Order, you will be transferred to PayPal to enter the details of your payment. For your security, your account number and other financial information will remain securely with PayPal and not be communicated to us.

You may wish to refer to this link for reference:

How do I pay via credit card?

During checkout in SourcingMap, choose Credit Card as your payment option. When you click Confirm Order, you will see the WorldPay payment form. Ensure your correct currency is selected and click either MasterCard, Visa , or Visa Delta. Continue steps until you finish payment.

Follow this link for reference:

I'm having problems during checkout, especially concerning connectivity to PayPal and WorldPay.

During checkout in SourcingMap, if you choose to complete the payment online, you will be redirected to either PayPal or WorldPay to complete the transaction. On some occasions, the payment transaction cannot be completed. The most common problems are:

1. Network timeouts during transferring from SourcingMap to PayPal or WorldPay screens.
2. A toolbar you may have installed in your browser is preventing a Javascript redirect to the payment screens.
3. Javascript is disabled in your browser.

In such cases, your order status will remain Imcomplete and this order is considered void. Please try to disable any toolbar functions or enable Javascript in your browser. Then, restart your browser and place the order again.

I can't complete my payment with PayPal because it's telling me that my order has already been paid for. What should I do?

There may be a network problem with PayPal. If you are consistently having problems when you try to pay with PayPal, try paying by credit card or bank transfer. Note that if you pay by bank transfer, you are entitled to an extra 3% discount on your order.

Why are you asking for my personal information?We have suffered from multiple cases of credit card fraud in the past. Therefore, occasionally, our customer service officers may ask for further information upon receiving your payment. This is done simply to protect our credit records and to ensure your payments are processed smoothly.

Your personal information will be protected in the most professional and secure way, as stated in our privacy policy. It will never be used in any other way than simply to assess the risk of your payment. You only need to provide the information once, and your registered account can be verified for the future.

In cases of insufficient documentation, we will decline your payments and you will be fully refunded. We appreciate your business very much and we would protect your commercial interest and payments by the highest professional standards.

Satisfaction 100% garantie Si vous n'êtes pas totalement satisfait, renvoyez-nous les articles pour un remboursement ou un avoir.
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Hi, I would like to try these ski goggles but target price is $10-$12. Can you do this for me? Also, do the come in more colors? Thanks ..
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LCD Digital AC tension continue testeur Tournevis détecteur de
Request for Quotation to 150 unuts ..
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